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Manually creating a row outline with no formula anywhere

  Asked By: Michael    Date: Oct 01    Category: MS Office    Views: 1639

If I select row1-row10 as a group to create an outline, but there is no
formula in any row, then I have to create the outline manually and it
works. If I want to display level1 only, rows1-9 will be hidden and
row10 is visible.

The problem is that instead of row10, I want row1 to be visible and
hide row2-row10. Not knowing how to do it manually, I do the following-
- pick up any column not in use, say colmn G, and put =sum(G2:G10) in
cell G1. Now that I have a formula, I can create an outline of row1-
row10 "automatically" and have row1 in view and row2-row10 hidden. It

My question is other than what I do (using an extra column and putting
a dummy formula there), is there any easier way to do it?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Anat Massri     Answered On: Oct 01

Go to menu option > Data > group  and Outline > Settings, then toggle
off the "Summary rows below detail" option. That will give you the
summary row  at the top.

Because I use this feature so often, I have the "Group" icon on my
normal toolbar. It makes it a lot easier to collect a bunch of rows
into a group. For my purposes, I usually include an empty row as my
first line and last line -- it make it a lot easier to insert
additional rows later if I so desire. I use this a lot for a "coding
notebook" -- snippets of code for VBA, PHP, or for stock screens, etc.

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