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java recursion maze traversal

  Asked By: Lourdes    Date: Apr 20    Category: Java    Views: 7188

I'm taking a first year computer science course and have a project
that is due on Monday.

I'm am having some trouble, and don't really know how to approach
the situation. We have to take a given maze, anywhere from 2x2 to
14x14 and traverse the maze. All of the squares have to be
visited. I know that I should approach this using recursion, but
how do I determine how the "robot" should act according to a case.

That is: how do I mark each visited square as visited, record which
of the squares have an alternate route that will take the robot to
an unvisited square, and if it's stuck in a dead end, how will it
know to go back, square by square, to that one square that will lead
to an unvisited square until all the squares in the maze have been

Any help will be greatly appreciated. The actual project is at this

I know this will be an easy one for all you professionals out
there....unfortunately, this class is a killer for me, and i must
get this project in so that i can pass the course....



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