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J2EE Industry Headlines

  Asked By: Rani    Date: Mar 07    Category: Java    Views: 575


Together ControlCenter 5.5 adds J2EE, Web services support

TogetherSoft early on was noted for its detailed UML-code integration -
providing simulanteous round-trip engineering. This latest verions of Together
Control Center now covers a far broader territory including J2EE, and Web

Giga: Microsoft .Net is Not A J2EE Killer

Over the next two years, Microsoft won't capture more than 35% of the lucrative
enterprise development market and will make little headway against its major
competition, Sun Microsystems' J2EE according to a new research report from
Giga Information Group.

EJB 2.0 final specification released

Along with the release of J2EE 1.3 earlier this week, the EJB 2.0 final
specification has been posted. Finalized in this version are message driven
beans, enhanced CMP, Local Interfaces and more. EJB 2.0 brings major changes to
the platform that will impact the way we design EJB apps, but what features do
we still need for future versions of the spec?

XDoclet 1.0, successor to EJBDoclet is released!

XDoclet is the successor to EJBDoclet. An EJB code generation tool, XDoclet
allows you to embed javadoc tags in your EJB Bean class from which you can
generate the Remote, Local, PK, Home, Data object, CMP classes and the
deployment descriptors. Unlike the original EJBDoclet, XDoclet is more
genericized - any type of files can be generated from a javadoc encoded source

J2EE 1.3 final release now available

J2EE 1.3 FCS is available. This final release of J2EE 1.3 signifies that EJB
2.0 is now officially finalized and will not be changed. New features in J2EE
1.3 include servlet application level filters and application event listeners,
XML page syntax support for JSP, Java Connector Architecture, and of course,
EJB 2.0.

Enydra drops J2EE server due to J2EE licensing restrictions

Enhydra is dropping its Enterprise project, which was their J2EE effort that
included the Jonas EJB server, due to licensing issues that prevents any open
source group from legally implementing J2EE and EJB. Since Sun owns the API's,
creating your own clean-room implementations is illegal. Will jBoss be next?




2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Bradley Evans     Answered On: Mar 07

what I can send you and remember is www.mcpmag.com
that you find good information  about the comparisons
between the technologies. (Sun and Microsoft).

Answer #2    Answered By: Barak Levi     Answered On: Mar 07

I had followed the news, they (enhyndra team) where
going to make money from theire open source project by
taking money and it was against open source policy
(when you open the source in sun  licence you do it for
ever and you can not make a free software a non free
when you have get the market share and force people to
buy your product this way)
I think it is a very good policy that sun forced them
to keep enhyndra free.

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