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need help on resident programs (repost)

  Asked By: Durril    Date: May 13    Category: Java    Views: 7258

somebody wants me to write a program that remains resident in mobile phone
memory and receives information from a web site regularly and shows them in the
main screen of mobile phone , without interfering other phone functioning. in
what technologies or languages could one write such a program? is it possible in
j2me? symbian c++ ? please help me to find my way.
the two main issues which should be covered in my opinion are 1-writing a
memory resident program 2-accessing and controlling main screen.
(no specific phone model is mentioned , the phone models which support this
program will be suggested by me, but probably they need it to be supported by a
wide range of phones and probably the most common models)



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Erika Evans     Answered On: May 13

-If you want your application to work on wide range  of mobile  phones,
Java ME is only and the best solution without any doubt.

-"a program  that remains resident in mobile phone  memory" means
installed program? or you want to run this application without
installing? Java ME applications are managed by a AMS (java runtime
environment for MIDlets). You have to install your application.

-what do you mean by "main screen"? As I guess you need your
application to start when it receives data and display something on
screen. For such scenario you can use Java ME push Registry.

Answer #2    Answered By: Jermaine Powell     Answered On: May 13

by "resident" I mean that my program  should work as a background process, so the
user can work with his phone  normally and at the same time the program should
receives the data from a web  site regularly.

by "main screen" , I mean the first screen  that someone can see when the mobile
is in Idle mode, when he is doing nothing with his phone (like desktop screen in
pc's )

Answer #3    Answered By: Frank Butler     Answered On: May 13

MIDP 3 provides functionality to run applications in background. but obviously the phone  has to support  midp 3

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