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Excel 2007

  Asked By: Waldemar    Date: Nov 16    Category: MS Office    Views: 1400

Let me tell you all that Excel is an Excellent package
from Microsoft, Excel has changed a lot from their
initial release and Microsoft is mastering the art of
surprising the users with their latest release.

I'm talking about Ms office 2007. I was fortunate to
download Office 2007 from Torrent links. The copy
expired even before i installed. I must tell you all
it looks great with Rows - 10,48,576 and columns - XIV
(If i'm not wrong) Excel will become one of the robust

End of VBA :
For all the VBA programmers , Change is the only
constant thing in this world. As Excel 2002/2003 will
be replaced by 2007 so does the VBA part. Yes, VBA
will be replaced by VSTO. I have started learning
.Net concepts, Please refer the book "From VBA to
VSTO". Its high time and we were completely depending
upon VBA for all the automations. Its time we start
discussing about the next version.

Waiting to hear more about Office 2007 release



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Jennifer Davis     Answered On: Nov 16

Actually, VBA will continue to be an integral part of Office 2007. Visit
the Microsoft web site and their support forums for more details. My VBA
code works perfectly in Excel 2007.

Answer #2    Answered By: Beaudi Smith     Answered On: Nov 16

Sorry I missed the original post, but VSTO is not replacing VBA, but
enhancing the VB,C# etc control over the Office objects. VBA and VSTO are
two separate beasts aimed at different audiences. The power user versus the
commercial developer.

VBA is in Office 2007 and will be in the version after that. Microsoft has
committed to announcing when the last version of VBA will be released.
Office 2007 is not it.

Answer #3    Answered By: Sophia Campbell     Answered On: Nov 16

VBA isnt getting replaced so soon...VBA is fully functional with Office
2007. Infact you have more objects than before to use in VBA :). But yes
Microsoft is thinking of replacing VBA but atleast not in Office 2007. You
can see that if you download the latest beta version of Office 2007.

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