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Echo users input

  Asked By: Eugene    Date: Jan 05    Category: C++ Programming    Views: 1669

first problem:

I am writing a program that lets the user input the power and the corresponding constant coefficients of a polynomial function, then the program should output the users mathematical function.

for example:


Enter the order of the polynomial: 2

Enter the coefficient of x^2: 1

Enter the coefficient of x^1: -5

Enter the constant term: 2

Your function is f(x) = x^2-5x+2


I have my code below but I encountered a small problem. There is still "+" that will come up after the constant term. And if possible, i want to ouput the function as what is shown above.(i,i., if the power is 1, just put 'x' and if the power is 0 just put the constant coefficient.

Your function is f(x) = x^2-5x^1+2x^0+

How would i fix this?

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
double coeff[1000];
int p;

cout << "Enter the power of the equation: ";
cin >> p;

for(int i = p; i > 0; i--)
cout << "Enter the coefficient of x^" << i << ": ";
cin >> coeff[i];

cout << "Enter the constant term: ";
cin >> coeff[0];

cout << "Your function is: f(x) = ";

for(int i = p; i >= 0; i--)
cout << coeff[i] << "x^" << i;

if(coeff[i-1] > 0) cout << "+";



return 0;


second problem:

I want to make this whole thing as a function so that i will just call it whenever i need it.

int main()



Can Somebody help me with this small struggle that i am facing right now?



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