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how to disable multilogging and kill the masquerading connection

  Date: Nov 25    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 329

1 . how can i disable a multi-logging facility in linux Redhat 6.2. I means only one sessions per user can be establish at one time.

2. I have enable a Masquerading connection on my Linux Redhat 6.2 box . when i issue a command to check the masquerading connections it show my the following entries.

IP masqerading entries.
proc exprire source destination ports

TCP 00:45.77 redhat.com 1173 (61224) -->ftp
TCP 01:42.65 baym-cs59.msgr.hotmail.com 1074 (61193) -->1863
TCP 01:42.65 baym-cs153.msgr.hotmail.com 1084 (61293) -->1863
TCP 02:15.23 1381 (62821) -->http
TCP 02:42.43 yahoo.com 1242 (61217) -->pop3

Can any one tell me, how can I kill a particular socket connection i.e how to kill a Ftp connection plus in the ports section what (61224) this represents its an process number or something else.



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