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Create Barcode using JDK 4.0

  Asked By: Tiikng    Date: May 29    Category: Java    Views: 50744

Hi, all,
I want to create and print Barcodes label using JDK 4.0 with any application. However, I have no clues about this. Can someone tell me some ideas?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Daniel Edward     Answered On: May 29

You cannot print barcode directly. What you can do it to develop a small application to retrieve barcode from backend database and then print it with the help of application you develop.

Answer #2    Answered By: Doris Wang     Answered On: May 30

Java Barcode Generator(www.keepautomation.com/products/java_barcode/) compatible with 1.4.0 and above version can succeeded in generating and printing barcode images with Code 39, Code 128, Code 2 of 5, QR Code, Data Matrix, etc. no extra extension to print the barcodes you need.

Answer #3    Answered By: Justin Biber     Answered On: May 30

I have ever been running in to the same problems as you, and I chose to use a specific printer to print barcode labels and still have problems on altering the intensity. I have kept trying to find the settings for it but to no avail. Could someone please explain exactly where the settings are?

Answer #4    Answered By: Ryan Anderson     Answered On: Mar 14

I am using this Java QR Code barcode genrator SDK (www.onbarcode.com/.../qrcode.html). It provides detailed settings in the tutorial of creating barcode in Java (www.onbarcode.com/.../java-barcode-generation.html). You may take a look at the tutorial of your barcode generator.

Answer #5    Answered By: Susan Smith     Answered On: Apr 21

I prefer to 1D & 2D barcode SDK with specific tutorial for barcode generation because I am a beginner (like one offered by www.barcodelib.com/.../barcode_symbologies.html)

Answer #6    Answered By: Jerry Smith     Answered On: Oct 20

As there are so many barcode symbologies, have you chosen a target barcode? I have ever used a barcode generation control that supports most common linear and 2D barcodes, including Data Matrix, QR Code, Code 39, etc. And I have referred to this Code 39 barcode generation tutorial:

Answer #7    Answered By: Bob Bell     Answered On: Oct 09

You can follow these steps to create and print Barcodes label using JDK 4.0.
1:Install Java with JDK 4.0 and make sure the Java executables are included in the search path.
2:Download the Java Barcode Generation Package such as(www.keepautomation.com/.../...rcode_generator.html) for the purpose type with linear, QR Code, PDF 417 or Data Matrix and extract the file.
3:Copy .jar file in the Java Barcode Generation package into the Java class path and the barcode library is enabled here for Java development.
4:Then the Java Barcode Generator is installed and you can create and print Barcodes label using JDK 4.0 with it.

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