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copy paste

  Date: Nov 29    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 410

I am getting really anoyd now, that linux has a very different way of treating
copy n paste that windows does, if for example I am in firefox seeing a youtube
video and I want to give someone else a link to the video, if I copy the link
into clipboard, close firefox, go to my email, and then try to paste, the link
has gone, this happens a lot to me for several programs, is there a way i can
stop this insanity?



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered On: Nov 29    

You're certainly trying to do things the hard way! I normally just send
the link from the browser. Firefox has a "send link" button you can click.

Just out of curiosity, why close firefox to send email? Linux is
perfect for running multiple applications - keep each one on its own
desktop, and switch as needed.

Not related to sending links, since that's a solved problem, but one
issue with copy and paste on linux is that there are different
mechanisms at work. In the old days it was easy: middle button copy,
left button paste, worked every time. Now it seems that some non-native
style copy and paste methods have been grafted on, the problem being
that some applications only use the external "clipboard" buffers and
ignore the native unix copy/paste buffers.

Answer #2    Answered On: Nov 29    

you can download klipper:
sudo apt-get install klipper

Answer #3    Answered On: Nov 29    

Just don't close Firefox before you have pasted. Is that so hard?

Answer #4    Answered On: Nov 29    

It is not Windows, wasn't that the whole idea?
Don't expect them to be the same...

Answer #5    Answered On: Nov 29    

Suggestion, don't close the browser. Even Microsoft drops the clipboard contents
if you close the browser, pre-Vista anyway.

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