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we have an application in delphi. we want to complete this application with java

  Asked By: Adelina    Date: Feb 04    Category: Java    Views: 535

i have two questions:

1- Is there any book about "data structure in c++ "
that is translated in farsi?

2- suppose that we have an application in delphi. we
want to complete this application with java{{with new
and special abilities}}[suppose ok?!]

are these application can compatible together?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Earl Stone     Answered On: Feb 04


yes you can do one of the followings:
2-1) use latest version of delphi which uses pascal
and C++ and java  as its language (I am not sure it
supports java but I am sure it supports pascal and

2-2) compile your Delphi Components into ActiveX and
then generate Java bean wrappers for them and use them
in java

but please note all these 2 ways will only generate OS
dependent none pure java codes.

Answer #2    Answered By: Anna Hill     Answered On: Feb 04

My friend Delphi doesn't support C++ or java  langauge
as its langauge.
Delphi langauge is a kind of Object pascal.(But with
delphi u can create cross-platform application(CLX
Application) , You can use CLX objects to create
applications that will run on Windows or Linux
I suggest u , use JBulider Environment , it is a
Borland product as Delphi and u have implemented
Bussines layer in Delphi u can use CORBA for create a
connection between Java and Delphi.

Answer #3    Answered By: Alexander Fields     Answered On: Feb 04

it is a long time that I don't code in delphi but I
can read this in borland advertisments about delphi
(C++ and Object Pascal)

Answer #4    Answered By: Vivian Ruiz     Answered On: Feb 04

what is the name of it's author and it's publisher ?
can i find it in front of tehran univ?