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API and win32applications

  Asked By: Kent    Date: Oct 27    Category: Java    Views: 475

Please help me any body

I have read the terms

1. Win32 Application

2. APIs

I cannot under stand it technecaly that are they



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Omar Walker     Answered On: Oct 27

A win32 application is an .exe file running under Windows 95-XP as far as I
know. You can 't use what we talk about here to produce such an .exe in Java
(somebody mentioned a special .jar-file that might open "as" an .exe though). We
use .class extensions. With J++ you can produce a kindof "Java" .exe as a
windows application (an old version of Java with special window classes)
More intresting is the API, as far as I know it stands for Applied Programmers
Interface. The Java API is available at Sun's website, you can also download it
(recommended). In the API you get all the information about the basic classes
and what they do, as you might know Java has very little built-in. Check also
for the Swing API (separate). The API is what we know as the Java documentation.

Answer #2    Answered By: Bonnie Hughes     Answered On: Oct 27

Well, API is not a documentation, is just that: an Application Programming
Interface. An interface is the means you have to get in contact with something.
This something will be in our case the class library, and the available
interface will be the public members of those classes.

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