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XML SOAP Syndication

  Asked By: Gerritt    Date: Oct 12    Category: Java    Views: 621

it got long but it is worth its length. (Sorry if this
question was not supposed to be asked on this group). The question
may raise a debate storm or may just pass away without making any
wave, its up to you if interested in web-services. (why don't we
change the name and call it "MiddleWare for Masses"? !!

Come to the point: My Question is about Syndication by SOAP...

ICE (Info & Content Xchange, used for Syndication purpose) was
great but getting almost obsolete now. Its use was wrongly considered
limited to News Syndication Industry only. WAVO Corp is shifting from
ICE even. Market doesn't seem to welcome EDI again. I have read a
little about ICE and I think ICE was a-bit static (sorry if I am
wrong as usual!). The "sources of contents were predefined". If
Client wants a content/service, horoscopes for example!, and no
Agent/Publisher listed has this service then ICE was unable to
FIND/DISCOVER the Agent providing this requested content/service on-

What if: If Toyota Motors wants its Update get delivered to all of
its world-wide dealers and, worse, one dealer wants a regional-
requirement-change in product, ICE was hard to get around this
problem. Of course Central Server doesn't like this change to get
reflected anywhere else.

Can we make SOAP work like ICE? SOAP can be used for Dynamic/on-
spot syndication: "Discover And Provide". I want to make a "wrapper
of SOAP over ICE" so that developer will be working with SOAP (easy
to work with than ICE, and supports UDDI and WSDL also) but behind
the scenes ICE will be working, i.e.:

Content Syndication: Developer -> SOAP -> ICE.

* Developer: person writing Syndication Applications.

On the run-time if Subscriber asks for some contents and Central
Server doesn't have any listed Agent providing requested
content/service, UDDI will be used for its 2nd D (Discovery) for this
purpose. OK! it requires an ideal world where every
Content/WebService provider has its WSDL documents attached in which
available contents/services are listed. ( I am ABC publisher and I
have Stocks, Weather, Airline, Hotel reports...horoscopes still not
found!). Our application will read this services/contents catalog and
if found required service, will Subscribe on it. Point: They are not
subscribing to us rather we are becoming their Clients as our own
clients are waiting for us back to get these contents. If not found,
discover someOne else who does provide it. (UDDI is a Universal
DataBase where many service/content providers, those who are
WebServices literate!, are listed in a Registry)

There should be no human intervention in all this process. I think
the world of WebServices is the world withOut any human being!! :)

I have the main confusion that:
1) Is It good enough to make it and give time to it ?
2) Should there be any change in Objectives ?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jarvia Miller     Answered On: Oct 12

I am just beginning to learn SOAP and diddle with Web Services (no
formal project yet), but you bring up some good points.

If I understand the whole XML/Web Services thing, it's to be able to
maintain your legacy software while "wrappering" or providing an
interface to the web that will use XML as a protocol for information

One SHOULD be able to wrapper your ICE protocols in SOAP RPC-like
calls. I haven't done this, but it should be possible and I think
(though, like you, I have been wrong... often) it should be worth the
effort of not having to re-write all the legacy software which relied
on ICE.

But of course, I'm just beginning in this, so I may be way off base.

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