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Typing Tutor Game source code

  Asked By: Nauman    Date: Nov 14    Category: C Programming    Views: 3718


The assignment is to implement the practical example of single link list only in C language .Your task is that you have to develop an interactive typing tutor game. The program must consist of following Game Modes:
1. Capital Alphabet Mode: comprising of A-Z alphabets.
2. Small Alphabet Mode: comprising of a-z alphabets.
3. Digits Mode: comprising of 0-9 digits.
4. Beginner Mode: comprising mixer of mode 1 and 2.
5. Learner Mode: comprising mixer of mode 2 and 3.
6. Expert Mode: comprising mixer of mode 1, 2 and 3.
The program must consist of three speed levels.
1. Speed Level-1: Every new word is created with delay of 1 second.
2. Speed Level-2: Every new word is created with delay of 500 milli second.
3. Speed Level-3: Every new word is created with delay of 300 milli second.

The new random character (with respect to Game Mode) will be appeared on random x-location on screen at first row. After some delay (with respect to Speed Level) it would come down by increasing its y-location while keeping the x-location same. The every generated character is maintained by link List. The every node of link list having character, x-location and y-location as its data members. This process is continue until the game over or user quit the game.
When the user press any key from keyboard, it will search that character from the link list. If the character will found in the link list it will remove it from the list and also remove from the screen while increasing its hit score. If the character is not found in the list it will increase the miss counter.The game must be over when the list having last element y-location reached to the last row or it have hit the wrong score criteria. The program use some menu like functionality in it.

due date :

plz Email me code if someone do this.



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