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How to make sure DoEvents complete its job?

  Asked By: Diane    Date: Feb 10    Category: MS Office    Views: 1749

In the following code, I found that Cntl+v does not always work:

... from Excel VBA go to Word document ...
sendkeys "^v" 'paste from clipboard to Word document

(1) instead of doevents, I could do-- Application.wait now+ timevalue
("00:00:01"). But, I found this is not 100% fool proof, sometimes
Cntl+v did not complete its job

(2) so, I want to do

loop until condition1 <> condition2

I think it will be fool proof. The only problem is that it is not
so obvious what to specify in condition 1 and 2? I think in this
case condition1 is before-pasting, condition2 is after-pasting. If
after-pasting <> before-pasting, then cntl+v has done its job. But
what should I code in condition 1 and 2?



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