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sagreegation and tally with each other fileds

  Asked By: Meenachi    Date: Dec 11    Category: MS Office    Views: 1001

For example
I have the data in the following manner

Things to be taken care of

Chq no/amt can be in diroganised manner and while
sorting it should come in front of each other.

CHq no Amt Chqno1 Amt1
12001 5000 12004 7000
12002 4000 12005 8500
12003 40000 12001 5000
12004 4500 12002 4000

and so on.
It should show
A)I want that after comparing the chqno with chqo1 and
amt with amt1

It shows chq no, amt and chqno1,amt having same

and chq no amt chq no1 amt1 of different value. In
case of excess rows or not present in other colmn like
12006 it should also show in different column

I tried it with filter but now I am facing problem.

Also VBA /macro will be of great help

output should be
CHq no Amt Chqno1 Amt1
12001 5000 12001 5000
12002 4000 12002 4000

CHq no Amt Chqno1 Amt1

12003 40000
12004 4500 12004 7000
12005 8500