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rewriting a function for metric instead of imperial

  Asked By: Sue    Date: Feb 13    Category: MS Office    Views: 533

Could i have some input on doing something ... but it seems so simple and i
cant work out .. what i am doing wrong...

APART from trying to use a bit code for a function for converting mm's in to
inches and then display in a text format of xx ft - xx" - variable (sub
division of inches ie. 1/16th ,1/8th , 1/4, 10th etc which is passed a

The code for the original was found on a website.

I now need a routine that does the reverse

Take a mm's figure split in to meters, cms and mms and then display this a
text value xx m's xx . xx cms

But i wish to have the function to be able to automatically adjust from an
optional variable of showing it in

The meters cms and mm's format

The cms and mm format

And mm's format

I just cant get it in to my head.. but perhaps i should be looking a fresh
at coding rather than altering the original code.

Please find below the code of the function which takes mm and convert to the
imperial string

'\ This function converts a decimal number of inches to a text string like
5'-6 1/2"

Function CFeet(Decimal_MMs, Optional

'\ These variables are used to convert the decimal inches to the number

'\ of fractional units. For example 6" would convert to 96 16ths

Dim iNumUnits As Long '\ converted value = 96 in example

Dim iUnit As Double '\ unit used to convert = 1/16 in example

'\ These varibles are used to hold calculated values that will become

'\ part of the text string

Dim iFeet As Integer

Dim iInches As Integer

Dim dFraction As Double

Dim sFtSymbol As String

Application.Volatile True 'forces recalculation

'\ These variables are used to assign shorter names to input values

Dim vVal As Variant

Dim vDenominator As Variant

'\ First we assign shorter names

'\ Convertin The value passed to function in to inches

'\ Value of mm is Decimal_mm multiplied by inches value 0.0394

vVal = Decimal_MMs * 0.0394

'vval converted to a decimal_inches

vDenominator = Enter_16_32_64_Etc__To_Round_Inches_To__Fraction_Of_Inch

'\ If no denominator value was supplied, we will round to 1/9999 of inch

If IsMissing(vDenominator) Then

iUnit = 1 / 9999


iUnit = 1 / vDenominator

End If

'\ Now we calculate the number of fractional units in the input value

'\ Example 6 inches = 96 16ths

iNumUnits = (vVal / iUnit)

'\ We prepare each part of text string

iFeet = Fix(iNumUnits / (12 / iUnit))

iInches = Fix((iNumUnits Mod (12 / iUnit)) * iUnit)

dFraction = (iNumUnits Mod (1 / iUnit)) * iUnit

If iFeet <> 0 Then sFtSymbol = "'-"

'\ Finally we format and return text string

CFeet = Application.Text(iFeet, "##") & sFtSymbol &
Application.Text(iInches + dFraction, "# ##/##\""")

End Function



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