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  Asked By: Alex    Date: Mar 29    Category: Java    Views: 742

I am beginning a new system and need to determine
what technologies to use. The only given is that the
database is UBD – the operating system is AIX UNIX and the
front end needs to be web based.<br>What technologies
would you use to complete the following:<br><br>Example
1)<br>Read from UDB on UNIX<br>Display Data on a Web
Site<br>Allow Users to modify information<br>Run mathematical
computations on the data entered<br>Update UDB with the
computed data<br><br>Example 2)<br>Read from UDB<br>Run
background processes/formulas etc on the data to change
it<br>Update the changed data to UDB<br><br>I am familiar with
Sybase - so I would use a Stored procedure for the
second item - but I hear UDB sp are limited... and that
Java calls to UDB are slow?? Any ideas?? CGI?? XML??
JSP??<br><br>I am not familiar with web technologies – so please
be as descriptive as you can



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Answer #1    Answered By: Tarrant Thompson     Answered On: Mar 29

How much Java Experience do you have?<br>By UDB,
I assume you are talking about DB2/UDB.<br>What Web
Application Server are you using?<br><br>You asking a sort of
open question which is determined by how complex your
system needs to be and what level of expertise your
group has.<br><br>The company I work for is pretty
strong behind Java (as are most of the people on this
site).<br><br>Give us some background and we can possibly be more
specific.<br><br>Stephen McConnell<br>http://www.crosslogic.com

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