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Page_loading with redirection

  Asked By: Techguy    Date: Jul 29    Category: Asp.net    Views: 1287

in this webform i create dataSet, add tables, add rows to that table and blabla,...
Then i (by clicking on button) redirect to another page where i select an article and all data is written in a dataSet
Then i go back to my first webform where i want to see that data add in my datagrid.

This can simply been done by rebind the datagrid to the OrderTabel (where data is stored in)

But i don't know how to handle with that Page_Load or other command...

Which event do i have to use, so that if my page load on the very first time add tables of part 1
otherwise, when it is load again from redirection it binds my dataGrid (as in my part 2)...

Txs in advance, Scoopie

(i could be it has smth to do with rendering, but i didn't understood as well the published article about this)


Public Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

If Not IsPostBack Then 'PART 1

'Declareer een DataSet
Dim myDataSet As New DataSet()
'Declareer een DataTable OrderTabel die dan binnen die dataSet moet komen
Dim myDataTable As DataTable = New DataTable("OrderTabel")
'Voeg de kolommen van de DataTable in
myDataTable.Columns.Add("klantid", System.Type.GetType("System.String"))
myDataTable.Columns.Add("artikelid", System.Type.GetType("System.String"))
myDataTable.Columns.Add("anaam", System.Type.GetType("System.String"))
myDataTable.Columns.Add("prijs", System.Type.GetType("System.Double"))

myDataTable.Columns.Add("totaleprijs", System.Type.GetType("System.String"))
myDataTable.Columns.Add("datum", System.Type.GetType("System.DateTime"))
myDataTable.Columns.Add("aantal", System.Type.GetType("System.String"))
'Voeg de dataTable toe aan de dataSet
Dim objArray(6) As Object
'eerst blanco regel invoeren
objArray(0) = hiddenKlantID.Text
objArray(1) = "-1"
objArray(2) = ""
objArray(3) = "0"
objArray(4) = "0"
'totale prijs
objArray(5) =
Date.Today() 'Datum
objArray(6) = ""
'Voeg een temporytable in in de DataSet die de gegevens bevat voor de dropdownlist
'Indien u dynamisch werkt kan u deze tabel telkens opnieuw wijzigen met de
'gewenste gegevens. Hier nemen we telkens hetzelfde aantal gegevens.
Dim myDropDownTable As DataTable = New DataTable("DDLTabel")
myDropDownTable.Columns.Add("aantal", System.Type.GetType("System.String"))

Dim objDataRow As DataRow
Dim x As Integer
For x = 1 To 10 Step 1
objDataRow = myDropDownTable.NewRow
objDataRow("aantal") = x
'Stop eerst in sessie zodat de tabel zeker bestaat alvorens je gaat gaan
Session("data") = myDataSet
'De datasource is de dataSet
DataGrid1.DataSource = myDataSet
'Het datamember is de desbetreffende tabel binnen die dataSet
DataGrid1.DataMember = "OrderTabel"
'verbind aan een datagrid

Else 'PART 1

'voor het geval de pagina teruggegeven wordt uit de articlepage.aspx...
Dim myDataSet As DataSet = CType(Session("data"), DataSet)
Dim myDataTable As DataTable = myDataSet.Tables("OrderTabel")
DataGrid1.DataSource = myDataSet
DataGrid1.DataMember = "OrderTabel"
End If

End Sub



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