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Multipage OptionButtons

  Asked By: Dai    Date: Dec 31    Category: MS Office    Views: 354

I am developing a form where I have a multipage with six pages and a variable number of optionbuttons in each page. As far as I understand optionbuttons are only mutually exclusive if within the same frame or page. Even if I assign those buttons (accross the various pages) they won't be mutually exclusive. The problem is it is exactly what I want! I want that when one of the optionbuttons is selected in one of the pages within that multipage, all others get deselected.

Is there I way I can get it instead of writing code to individually turn all other optionbuttons.enabled properties to false? (that would be a lot of coding...)

For the sake of clarity I attach a snapshot of the multipage object. In the examples I am including for instance, when I pick the choice in "Instance 2", I want that the optionbutton in "Instance 1" gets deselected - what is not happening as it is now



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Calais Bernard     Answered On: Dec 31

I was just about to tell you that your images
would be removed due to the fact that this group is set to not allow any
attachments. But I see, as I also see your attachments did come through,
that I missed that setting for this group and it was still set to allow
attachments. However, that feature has now been turned off...due to virus
potential, obviously.

Sorry, but in the future, if you want to have a file uploaded for review by
members...we will be happy to allow that, but you must send your file
directly to one of the moderators who will then review and upload
appropriate files for you.

Answer #2    Answered By: Calvin Banks     Answered On: Dec 31

as to your question, you do not need a frame  to make options
exclusive. What you can do is just select all the options on that page
(using Ctrl to add to the selection), then set the Group Name property to
some specific name. Do the same on all the pages  with the same name. That
will cause all the option buttons  to become a member of the same
GROUP...i.e., just like all being within the same frame, but less work.

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