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Mob Toolkit - Forms Authentication and wtai://wp/mc URL.

  Asked By: Howard    Date: Jul 10    Category: Asp.net    Views: 1132

i've got an issue when i sign into my website under forms
authentication (using Handspring Blazer browser here) and try and
dialout using a link -- Basically...what I need is a url that looks
similar to "wtai://wp/mc;1234567890", but when forms autentication
is involved, the url ends up containing the security token and looks
similar to this: "wtai://wp/mc;1234567890?.FORMSAUTH=1283746832..."
which consequently screws up the phone dialing out. Either it
doesnt connect, or it dials a number similar to "123 456-
789012837...". Is there a way to stop the server from attaching my
security token/cookie to EVERY url and/or only apply the token to
the links that are actually contained within my own site? It just
seems really silly that if i create a "<mobile:link..." object with
the NavigateURL property set to lets say "http://yahoo.com" --
ultimately the link will contain



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