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K3b is a lot faster

  Date: Nov 26    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 345

In the older versions of ubuntu both Brasero and CD-DVD Creator were quite
fast and easy to use. For God's sake, this Brasero is a lot slower !!! it does
checksums, images and whatever, but it does everything slowly !
I installed K3b and I will use only this one. I am sorry !

I do not want to try Gnomebaker again, I am too lazy !

I also installed lots of other KDE apps, like kdegames and koffice. My mother
likes Kmahjong more than Mahjong and is a lot better at Mahjong than me, as she
is good at logics and good at finding things very quickly.



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Answer #1    Answered On: Nov 26    

I love K3B. It does everything that I want. It is fast and accurate. I am
sure that many Ubuntu users use it over GNOME's burners. K3B is part of KDE.
It stands for KDE Burn, Baby, Burn or K3B for short. The KDE vs GNOME
argument rages on and will continue as GNOME 3 gets closer to release.
Fortunately for users you do not have to be strictly one or the other, but
can mix and match, as you have done.

KDE apps that I prefer are Choqok to Gwibber, Kopete to Empathy, K3B to
Brasero, Klibido to Pan, Kwallet to GNOME keyring, Rekonq to Epiphany,
Okular to Evince, DigiKam to Shotwell. Where GNOME is better: Cheese to
webKam, GIMP to Krita, Nautilus to Dolphin, Inkscape to Karbon14. Some are a
tie in my book, Amarok and Rhythmbox, Xchat and Quassel and Kmail and
Evolution. It all depends on personal preferences and what you are looking

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