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JSP questions from beginner

  Asked By: Hisham    Date: Sep 18    Category: Java    Views: 1377

I'm new in JSP programming and I want to ask some questions.

I used to develop Java desktop application using Netbeans under Linux
Mandrake 9.1 or Win XP Pro. Right now, I want to
learn JSP, and I think the best way for learning is not to use any
Java IDE, so I'll use simple text editor to write my code.

1. Is it OK to learn JSP without any knowledge of Servlet, because
I've read before JSP is developed from servlet, but those two things
are different, and support each other (support in which part?).

2. I tried to change configuration in conf/server.xml. I'd like to
change the default port into port 80, so I change the "8080"
into "80". Well, it should be work, but it is not. In Windows, I
started startup.bat and tomcat is running, but when I try to type URL
http://localhost, the page displayed is not Tomcat page, but
index.asp (Microsoft IIS page). What happenned? How can I change
port 80 to be a Tomcat port, and change it back into IIS port if my
friend need it?

3. In Linux, startup.sh won't work. I've opened the shell, login as
root, and type these command :


Well, those three variables are defined, but when I tried to start
startup.sh, Tomcat still ask for JAVA_HOME. What's going on, command
echo $JAVA_HOME shows correct path, but Tomcat can't read this. And
where is autoexec.bat on linux? As far as I know, it's
on /etc/rc.d/rc.local, so I add those three lines to the end of
rc.local. I restarted my Linux, opened my console, and tried to test
my variables, so I typed echo $PATH. It didn't
have /opt/jdk1.5.0/bin, so how can I fix it?

4. All my tutorials use localhost for server. How can I test my JSP
in a real world. Suppose I have Helloworld.jsp. I want to use
computer with IP as server. What should I do? Where
should I put HelloWorld jsp on that computer?After I put my
Helloworld.jsp in the right path, how can another computer access
Helloworld.jsp? What URL should they write? Anyway, i guess the URL
will begin with, right? Well, in my place, I
have 3 computers connected via LAN, without modem, so can I simulate
the URL into something better, like http://www.learnJSP.com/? If I
can, how? And if I want to try my JSP into several computers which
having internet access, what should I do? Well, I have an admin
access in those computers. But only admin for windows XP pro, they
don't have Linux installed. Can I do this thing?



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