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J2EE book recommendation?

  Asked By: Carolina    Date: Jul 07    Category: Java    Views: 939

I've had J2EE for a week now and I'm getting almost nowhere. Its not
the language itself that's the trouble its finding a book that
actually works with J2EE 1.4.

So far I have:
Writing Java Applets - John Rodley (way old flee market pickup)
- Even the helloworld wont compile

Java2 Black Book -Steven Holzner (Bargin bin at store)
- Introductory app/applets compile without errors and
java/appletviever doesn't complain - but they dont actually do

Sam's Teach Yourself Java2 in 21 Days
- Haven't done much with this one. Printed in 1999 though and from
what little I've seen, J2EE simply isn't backward compatible with
any older examples I can find from 1.2 and 1.3.

I do have some experience programming in C, Modula, Basic (10 or so
flavours including for microcontrollers), SQL, and PHP. I actually
have a grasp of the differences between classes, methods, objects,
inheritance etc. Its mostly a matter of finding references and
examples that actually function that is the problem.

Any good current books? I'm particularly interested in applets as
I'm tackling this in order to use a Lantronix XPort.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Josie Roberts     Answered On: Jul 07

I am pretty ignorant when it comes to J2EE, however I am going to put
myself on a limb and suggest that you un-install J2EE and install J2SE.

Answer #2    Answered By: Marc Anderson     Answered On: Jul 07

Well, after futzing around looking for missing configuration
information, I gave up and re-installed. BING, now everything seems
to be working as advertized. I'm actually going through the Sun
tutorials and they're working!

Answer #3    Answered By: Kiet Jainukul     Answered On: Jul 07

It really depends on what area of j2ee  you are interested in, j2ee is
pretty large.
Are you sure you don't just mean books on java  in general...... Do you
know the difference

anyway some books that come to mind on j2ee:

Core Java Servlets now in second edition
and it's followup More Java Servlets both from Sun press
(first edition and bits of second edition are available free

Java Enterprise in a NutShell from O'Reilly -

A few chapters of Thinking in Enterprise Java are available (it's not
all written yet) at

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