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make new home directory?

  Date: Nov 29    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 438

After al my troubles with Ubuntu I did think to just install it and not update
anything except for security updates, afterall, this OS did work ok for a while,
so presumably some updates along the way made a mess, I figured I'd just install
it as it is and not update till 10.10 comes out.

Anyway, while playing with Mint LXDE RC (32-bit) (seems sooo much faster than
Ubuntu but i am not sure what is RC about it, the Mint or the LXDE? The Gnome
versions don thave Rc written by them, anyway, there were some strange errors in
graphics, sometimes windows would not look right and sometimes tasks would just
stop),- Mandriva (the sound is fussy) and Suse (seems kind of difficult to
navigate applications and flash doesnt work properly) I accidently installed the
system onto the wrong partition, I don't know how this happened because I was
well aware of the partition number for my Ubuntu for a long time and yet I lost
Ubuntu and everything in it, so I wanted to move home directory to a spare
partition of a certain size I will not forget what it holds and keep it there,
can we do the instruction set below using a gui instead of command line?




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Answer #1    Answered On: Nov 29    

I look for updates every day on 10.04, and let it install whatever
updates there are. I've never seen a problem on any of my 10.04 systems.
It's possible that yours is an odd corner case, maybe unusual hardware
or something, but I'm betting it's not the updates but something else
that happened.

If you have a low spec system, lxde will be much snappier than gnome.
You can run lxde on ubuntu as well. Mint is just a repackaged ubuntu
after all. I like what I've seen of mint, but it's just as easy for me
to install "ubuntu restricted extras", tweak my wallpaper and themes,
and I'm all done.

Answer #2    Answered On: Nov 29    

In Mint the GNOME version comes out first and others later. They are all at
different stages so you see an RC version of Mint LXDE while the GNOME one

I can understand your concern considering the trouble that you have had, but
it isn't a normal situation. Most users should update regularly and most do
without any problems.

Answer #3    Answered On: Nov 29    

Well can it do gui home move? I like to see whats happening...

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