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  Asked By: Claude    Date: Jul 28    Category: Java    Views: 556

if I work with eXist, can i do all works in XML DB Such as select, Update, Delete and Insert with it? I don't need to SAX, DOM, JDOM,XSLT and ....?
do you know any link or pdf files or ... that can help me to Understand eXist and can work easily with this?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Daisy Phillips     Answered On: Jul 28

I am new to exist  and i find some code for importing exist servlet and i have sme code for
retrieving xml  from DB,

import org.xmldb.api.base.*;
import org.xmldb.api.modules.*;
import org.xmldb.api.*;
public class Example1 {
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
Collection col = null;
try {
String driver = "org.dbxml.client.xmldb.DatabaseImpl";
Class c = Class.forName(driver);

Database database = (Database) c.newInstance();
col =

String xpath = "/address[@id = 1]";
XPathQueryService service =
(XPathQueryService) col.getService("XPathQueryService", "1.0");
ResourceSet resultSet = service.query(xpath);
ResourceIterator results = resultSet.getIterator();

while (results.hasMoreResources()) {
Resource res = results.nextResource();
System.out.println((String) res.getContent());
catch (XMLDBException e) {
System.err.println("XML:DB Exception occurred " + e.errorCode + " " +
finally {
if (col != null) {
but i want to know how can i update  my xml doc? for updating my doc i must execute some query like this:
for $address in //address
(: Move lname and fname into a new name element :)
update replace $address with
{$address/city, $address/email}
or this:
<xupdate:modifications version="1.0"
<xupdate:update select="/address[@id = 1]/name/last">Herman</xupdate:update>

what is the difference beween two types? how can i do this work?

Answer #2    Answered By: Keiko Mori     Answered On: Jul 28

I downloaded jar file of eXist-1.0.2-rev5396 and installed this with command: java -jar eXist-1.0.2-rev5396.jar and after that ran exist  with clicking on "exist database startup" on desktop and then i could easily import this class:
import org.xmldb.api.*;
import org.xmldb.api.base.*;
import org.xmldb.api.modules.*;
to the my web application(my servlets). but after that when i want to import this class in other application after running jetty servlet ("exist database startup"), i couldn't add this class to that application. can anybody help  me?

Answer #3    Answered By: Code Guru     Answered On: Jul 28

when i start my exist  jetty server first time its run properly but after shutdown it, when i start this server again,in the middle of running servlet this error appeare: (exist is a xmlbd)

File lock last access timestamp: Oct 15, 2007 D:\Program Files\eXist\webapp\WEB-
Found a stale lockfile. Trying to remove it: D:\Program Files\eXist\webapp\WEB-
configuration error: The database directory seems to be locked by another databa
se instance. Found a valid lock file: D:\Program Files\eXist\webapp\WEB-INF\data
org.exist.EXistException: The database directory seems to be locked by another d
atabase instance. Found a valid lock file: D:\Program Files\eXist\webapp\WEB-INF

but i shutdown last process in this port! how can i solve this problem?

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