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compare struts2 and jsf

  Asked By: Pedro    Date: Dec 30    Category: Java    Views: 2596

Can anyone compare struts2 with jsf please
and also what is the concept of interceptor in struts2



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Answer #1    Answered By: Hababah Younis     Answered On: Dec 30

You could use these links to clear in these web frameworks :

link 1

link 2

And in my experience JSF is very well for standard-based projects and it has good features for development to use richfaces-Ajax4JSF-Gravel and many IDE supports and Facelets and stability and security, ...

Answer #2    Answered By: Edfu Massri     Answered On: Dec 30

1- Struts2 is a web framework based on successful Struts framework. But it is not only next version of struts. It is next generation of Struts. It has lots of useful ideas and tools for web developing like custom tags, interceptors, ...
The main difference between JSF and Struts2 (and also Struts) is that JSF is component based. Instead of dealing with <s:if test="..."> you have components in your hand: <f:view ...> and so forth.
JSF is much like ASP.NET Web Forms.
In my opinion, JSF is better than Struts2, but if you and/or your team is familiar with Struts or WebWork, starting with Struts2 is dimpler.

To understand the differnces between these two frameworks, I strongly recommend you to build two basic projects with AppFuse, one with JSF and one with Struts2 and then compare  them.Â

 2- Interceptors are some kind of layers or filters. Your request and response is qoing between interceptors and each interceptor can do its job on request and response. Struts has some default interceptors and you can write custom interceptors if you need.

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