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Combo Box with Changing data

  Asked By: Everett    Date: Nov 02    Category: MS Office    Views: 2201

I am new to Excel VBA and need to know how set up a combo box where the
variable list changes. I have a list of people that gets updated
weekly and I need to be able to have a combo box that can handle that
change and then output a unique ID into another worksheet assigned to
the new person.

I am also tracking monthly orders so I need to be able to pull a given
individual up and change their order category and output that change as



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Answer #1    Answered By: Mark R     Answered On: Nov 02

Is there a max number of names that there can be? If so the easiest
way is to set  a range name with that number of cells. Then set
the 'listfillrange' property of the combobox to that range name.

If thats too crude for you, you can set a dynamic range name, using
offset in the formula in INSERT/NAME/DEFINE. Then set the above
property to this range name. I'd be interested to
know how others would do this too, as in my experience dynamic range
names can cause problems.

I'm assuming theres a table with the names and the corrsponding
unique ID's, so you can use a vloookup formula in the other sheet to
get the ID according to the name chosen in the combobox. Does this

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