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car gurage simulation(appling stacks and enqueue)

  Asked By: Namrath    Date: Oct 08    Category: C Programming    Views: 2119

program on car guarge in datastructures.
Suppose Fundu Parking Garage contains 10 parking lanes, each with a capacity to hold 10 cars at atime. As each car arrives/departs, the values A/D (representing arrival /departure) is entered alongwith the car registration number. If a car is departing the data should get updated. If a new car isarriving then on the screen a message should be displayed indicating suitable parking slot for thecar. Cars arrive at the south end of the garage and leave from the north end. If a customer arrives topick up a car that is not the nothernmost, all cars to the north of the car are moved out, the car isdriven out, and the other cars are restored in the same order that they were in originally. Whenevera car leaves, all cars to the south are moved forward so that at all times all the empty spaces are in the south part of the garage.



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