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PERSONAL STRENGTH & ACHIEVEMENTS • Due to internal audit knowledge I helped the company to implement the sales accounting system in 2003 during the acquisition of Coca Cola Companies while in charge of 8 sales accounting staff, as a result the company saved a lot of money which was supposed to be paid to a consultant. • The fact that I’m a fast learner I ended up becoming the first student to complete the E Learning Management Accounting module 1, 2 &3 in 2007 under SABMILLER AFRICA & ASIA the parent company of Zambian Breweries Group Plc. • I am an innovative individual and so in April 2005 I designed a new excel semi accounting package, which is now Both at Zambian breweries group & Pepsi ( Varun beverages Zambia limited) used to calculate excise tax in less than twenty minutes, but before that the same work used to take about eight personnel-hours. • Handling External Auditors and for past 15 years without receiving any qualified report. PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND Internal Auditing • 02.08.2013 Completed Certified Internal auditors (CIA) • 20.11.2006 Member of IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors USA) Accounting • 03.02.2014: Registered Non-audit practitioner Qualification ZICA • 12.08.2006: Completed ACCA Accounting Qualification. • 16.08.1999: Completed AAT Accounting Qualification. Legal • 23.01.2012: Gained Fellowship membership Status of ZICA (Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants ) ACADEMICS BACKGROUND • 25.01.2005: Gained a 2.2 Bachelor of Science degree with honours in applied accounting-UK (Oxford Brookes University) OTHERS & IT • Clean driving licence. • Macros Excel, word, power point and (sun system from 1995 to 2002)