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Vlookup between two sheets with in a workbook to pick latest value via VBA

  Asked By: Anand    Date: Aug 13    Category: VB.Net    Views: 11014


I am looking for a specific issue to resolve with the help of VBA,

We have two sheets within the same workbook

· “Consolidated sheet has the latest data in it, now we need a vlookup via VBA to update the figures in column I , J and K in “Archived Breaks” tab from “Consolidated Sheet” tab, We can use the below as unique identifier

TAB name - Consolidated Sheet Archived Breaks
Unique Identifier - CPID CPID
Column - E G
Notes ( In “Consolidated Sheet” tab we use Column “E” as unique ID and in “Archived Breaks” tab we use column “G” as unique ID)

· After vlookup is complete paste special the values for three column I , J and K in “Archived Breaks” tab.

· Last step, now the unique ID’s that are present on “Archived Breaks” tab needs to be found on “Consolidated Sheet” and delete the rows in “Consolidated Sheet” .

Please help with codes.



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