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New to VBA and need help with copy and paste

  Asked By: JUSTIN    Date: Apr 11    Category: MS Office    Views: 108588

Hello I am very very green to VBA, I have developed a sales tracker for my company in excel and now they want the workbook to copy and paste if certain criteria is met in column k... the workbook has 5 salesman sheets and a finally sheet called dashboard complying all the worksheets into on finally quick peek product. The goal is to have the macro look at column K (titled: Split) for initials of salesmen and if there are initials in the cell to then copy values in that row excluding column k, from that sheet to the sheet of the corresponding initials... is this even possible?

column A= Date
column B= account name
column C= model
column d= segment
column e= rental/prt. mgt.
column f=new
column g=used
column i= lead
column j= install
column k= split (this is the cell to be looked at, to be excluded in the copy paste)
column l= sale price
column m= cogs

If anyone can help, thank you so much... again, I am very new to VBA, literally just learned how to add a button and open dialog command screen... so please bear with me...
thank you



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