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Searching algorithm of strings with function pointers

  Asked By: Nemanja    Date: Nov 07    Category: C Programming    Views: 1255

Write a function for searching n strings where
the key for searching is the last string from array of strings
(assume all strings are sorted except for the last string).

Prototype of a function is:
int search(int n,char arr[][n],char*(*last_element)(const int,const char**),int(*cmp_strings)(const char*,const char*));

where last_element() returns last string, and cmp_strings() compares two strings.

The following code doesn't work:

#define MAX 10//max num. of characters per string

//return last element from array of strings
char* last_element(const int n,const char arr[][n])
return (const char*)(arr+ n - 1);

//compare two strings
int cmp_strings(const char *a,const char *b)
while(*a && (*a == *b))
return *(const char*)a - *(const char*)b;

int search(int n,char arr[][n],
char*(*last_element)(const int,const char**),
int(*cmp_strings)(const char*,const char*))
int i,j;
for(i=0; i<MAX; )
for(j=0; j<n; j++)
//compare until equal
if((*cmp_strings)((char*)arr[i], (char*)(last_element)((int)n,(char**)arr[i][j])) < 0 ||
(*cmp_strings)((char*)arr[i], (char*)(last_element)((int)n,(char**)arr[i][j])) > 0)
i++;//increment until equal
return i;

int main()
int n,i;
char str[MAX];
while(n < 1);
for(i=0; i<n; i++){
return 0;



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