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Production Line using C

  Asked By: Xna    Date: Sep 10    Category: C Programming    Views: 928

pleasure to be here,

guys, i need to generate ideas how to come to solution for my problem.

i need to write a code for a production line.

A bakery employs 4 cake chefs each specializing in a different type of cake. It has an oven that can accommodate 10 cakes. Each chef prepares a cake and puts it on a common conveyer belt. Each new cake is put on the conveyor as the last item on the conveyer. An oven operator then picks the cakes one at a time from the conveyer belt and puts it in the oven.

The oven operator only puts in a cake if the baking time of the cake in hand is less than or equal to the baking time of the cake that was previously put in the oven. If the cake in hand has a longer baking time than its predecessor then the assistant puts the cake immediately behind the last cake on the conveyer belt.

The oven operator keeps track of time and takes the cakes out when the baking time is up and places them on a conveyer that takes it to the bakery’s shop front. A sales assistant takes them off the conveyer belt and puts the cake into storage, ready for sale.

The following table provides some data relevant to the process.

Type of cake Preparation time by the assigned chef Baking time
Sponge Cake 30 minutes 20 minutes
Meringue 45 minutes 1 hour 15 minutes
Chocolate 25 minutes 40 minutes
Red velvet 1 hour 30 minutes

The following parameters are defined per cake
Waiting time to oven: The time that the cake preparation sits on the first conveyer
Turnaround time: The time taken from being first put on the conveyer to the cake reaching storage
Oven works for 8 hours.



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